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Aug 1, 2020

Does double defib work? Does it improve your chances of walking out of the hospital? What’s your CPC score? What is a CPC score? And how exactly do you conduct this procedure. In this episode, recorded live at ACEP 2019, Dr. Tiffany Proffitt discussed the ins and outs of double defibrillation with Dr. Mark Ramzy.

Host: Tiffany Proffitt DO, MABS Attending Physician, Honor Health, Scottsdale, AZ

Guest Panel: Mark Ramzy, DO, EMT-P, Critical Care Fellow at University of Pittsburgh, Chair of the EMRA Critical Care Committee.

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Additional Readings:

  1. - Double Defibrillation
  2. REBEL EM - Double Defibrillation

Key Points:

  • Make sure the case is appropriate for the use of Double Defibrillation.
  • Two defibrillators of the SAME brand.
  • Pads, like your kids, do NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER!
  • Completely anterior or anterior and posterior approach. 
  • Hit the buttons at the same time.
  • Try not to shock yourself or ruin your defibrillator.