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Jan 1, 2021

Guest: Jess Mason, MD, FACEP, director of the Medical Education Fellowship at UCSF-Fresno and deputy editor of EM:RAP, EM:RAP HD videos, and creator of EM:RAP’s C3

Hosts: Ranjita Raghavan, MD, of The Mount Sinai Hospital EM Residency, and Shreyans Sanghvi, DO, of Northwell Zucker School of Medicine (North Shore/LIJ) 

Emergency medicine offers an exciting yet staggering number of career paths. In this episode, we explore what it takes to find your niche in the specialty. Get the inside track from Jessica Mason, MD, FACEP, who knew early on what motivates her and has established herself as a leader in FOAMed.

Key Points

  • If you are looking for inspiration for what niche to pursue, ask yourself, "What bothers you?" The answer to this question usually will lead to something you are passionate about.
  • You do not need to be at a residency that directly fits your passions; you can find mentors and pursue opportunities anywhere you go. You just need to reach out to people; they will generally be willing to help.
  • When reaching out to someone, do NOT ask "What should I do?" Instead, come with an idea or plan; this is more helpful and shows you are motivated and inspired, and people will find it easier to help you execute your ideas.
  • "Everything is already taken" – except it's not. There is always room for another voice, a different perspective, or a fresh approach. Just because it's been done before does not mean there is no room for you.
  • Everyone is always hiring. Remember this; every interaction is a connection, and you never know when an opportunity will pop up suddenly, so reach out to people and places you are interested in.
  • Whatever you do, 10% of people are not going to like it – and that is good; it means you made an impression. The most inspiring people usually have strong opinions.
  • Say yes to opportunities and be willing to take a leap of faith.