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Dec 1, 2020

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the ED analgesic options? In part 2 on ED Pain Management, Dr. Sergey Motov helps break things down, reviewing a few cases and finishing with Sergey’s 10 Commandments of ED Pain Management.

Key Points
Sergey's 10 Commandments of ED Pain Management

  1. Titrate opioids regardless of initial dosing regimen: weight-based, fixed, or nurse-initiated.
  2. Use alternatives (to IV) routes of analgesic administration: PO, PR, IN, SubQ, nebulized, topical.
  3. Utilize sub-dissociative dose ketamine for selected acute and chronic painful conditions.
  4. Educate patients about appropriate expectations of pain course and management.
  5. Embrace a concept of channels/enzymes/receptors targeted analgesia.
  6. Use NSAIDs based on their analgesic ceiling dose.
  7. Attempt to use non-opioid analgesics whenever possible.
  8. Promote nerve blocks for a variety of acute painful conditions (trauma, infection, inflammation).
  9. DO NOT prescribe long-acting opioids, SR/ER opioids, or fentanyl patches in the ED or at discharge.
  10. If indicated, DO prescribe a short course of immediate release opioids (preferably morphine sulfate IR) at discharge and arrange proper follow-up.

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