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Mar 15, 2019

EMRA*Cast Host Dr. Jessie Werner talks to Dr. Brian Levine about the EMRA Antibiotic guide and how it can improve your practice.

Host: Jessie Werner, MD

Guest: Brian Levine, MD

Overview: In this episode, Dr. Jessie Werner discusses the EMRA Antibiotic Guide with Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Brian Levine.  Struggle with choosing the right med to treat that pneumonia? That complicated UTI? Find out how this tool can help you select the right antibiotic for just about any infection you encounter in the ED.  

Key Resources:

Key Points:


  • Choosing the right antibiotic is hard! Rely on this guide to provide the most up-to-date recommendations for pretty much any infection you may encounter
  • Some new features to the guide:
  • Updated antibiograms for local resistance patterns
  • Utility of ED tests (urine legionella, CSF, etc)
  • Penicillin-allergy algorithm