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Mar 15, 2019

EMRA*Cast Host Dr. Isaac Agboola speaks with the authors of the EMRA Transgender Care guide to provide residents with helpful advice on the approach to the care of transgender patients in the ED.

Host: Dr. Isaac Agboola, MD, MS  PGY-1 Yale

Guest:  Dr. Julia Paris and Dr. Aiden “Yoshi” Shapiro


Key Resources:

Key Points:

  • Best practice is to ask the patient upfront what pronouns they prefer and use those.
  • It is important to ask patients what body modifications has the patient taken in order to feel more comfortable with their appearance. Be it surgical, non-surgical or hormonal because that may affect your differential and treatment algorithms.
  • Transgender patients are at increased risk for intimate partner, substance abuse and sexually transmitted infections it is very important to take a thorough social history.
  • Understand that this is an area where there hasn’t been much formal education as far as most medical schools and residencies are concerned; So be comfortable in your discomfort.