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Sep 25, 2020

Host: Dr. Isaac Agboola, MD, MS  

Guest: Dr. Zach Jarou, MD, MBA  

Overview: On this episode, Dr. Agboola and Dr. Jarou venture into the oftentimes convoluted task of applying to Emergency Medicine residency. They discuss common pitfalls and misconceptions, giving evidence-based advice on how to increase success in...

Sep 15, 2020

Transitions of care are one of the most dangerous activities in medicine. Numerous studies highlight the rates of medical errors which occur at the time of sign-outs. Formalized sign-out processes have been shown to significantly decrease breakdowns in communication and reduce adverse events. In this episode, Dr....

Sep 1, 2020

Overview: On this EMRA*Cast, Dr. Agboola sits down and talks to Dr. Dajer about his experience working as a physician during 9/11.  Additionally, he gives his personal approach to disaster planning.

Key Resources:

  • EMRA Pre-Hospital and Disaster Committee