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Jun 15, 2020

EMRA*Cast host Dr. Alex Kaminsky takes a deep dive on the topic of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) with Dr. Sean Hickey and Dr. Evan Leibner


  • Alex Kaminsky MD: PGY-3 UCSF Fresno


  • Sean Hickey MD: PGY3 Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC
  • Evan Leibner MD: ED/Crit Care Asst. Prof Mt. Sinai Hospital,...

Jun 1, 2020

Host: Jessie Werner, MD

Guest: Alin Gragossian, DO, MPH


In this episode, Dr. Jessie Werner interviews one of EMRA’s 45u45 winners, Dr. Alin Gragossian. As a senior EM resident Alin was diagnosed with heart failure and required an emergent heart transplant. This is the inspiring story that every person should...