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Jun 15, 2022

Congratulations on graduating residency! Do yourself a big favor and listen to this advice from Dr. Christina Shenvi and Dr. Nikki Binz, brought you by EMRA*Cast host Dr. Kim Bambach. Start off on the right foot with BHAG, ikigai, and proper spycraft at a new job. You got...

Jan 15, 2022

EMRA*Cast Hosts Shreyans Sanghvi, DO, and Ranjita Raghavan, MD, explore the budding but ever-so-important field of medical journalism with emergency physician, author, and renowned public speaker Amy Faith Ho, MD, MPH. Early in her medical school days, Dr. Ho’s personal accounts of navigating the hard knocks of...

Aug 21, 2020

EMRA*Caster Dr. Alex Kaminsky sits down with Dr. Adam Rosh of Rosh Review to cover timelines, mindset, and strategies into successful preparation for both written boards and in-service examinations. Additionally, Adam imparts his wisdom as a passionate educator and former program director.

Aug 7, 2020

Host: Tiffany Proffitt DO, MABS PGY-4 Lakeland Health

Guest Panel: 

Michael Gisondi, MD, FACEP – Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, Former Program Director at Northwestern. 

Tarlan Hedayati, MD, FACEP – Chair of...

Jun 1, 2020

Host: Jessie Werner, MD

Guest: Alin Gragossian, DO, MPH


In this episode, Dr. Jessie Werner interviews one of EMRA’s 45u45 winners, Dr. Alin Gragossian. As a senior EM resident Alin was diagnosed with heart failure and required an emergent heart transplant. This is the inspiring story that every person should...