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Nov 1, 2019

Host: Dr. Agboola MD, MS 

Guests:  Dr. Arelene Chung MD, Dr. Chris Doty MD,  Dr. Alicia Kurtz MD 


On this episode, Doctors Agboola, Chung, Kurtz, and Doty discuss the topic of “The Elephant in the Room: ‘Burnout’”. They spend time discussing: Defining the term of burnout, How to recognize symptoms of burnout in others,  Getting past the platitudes of “yoga & exercise”, Moral injury, The Unspoken Curriculum, and Models of Wellness.

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Key Points:

  • “Adversity is coming for all of us”
  • We operate in a specialty that lends itself to “burnout”
  • Moral Injury is better terminology to use than burnout because “burnout” puts the impetus on the individual rather than on the system that causes it
  • It’s critical to find an outlet, whether that be in the curriculum of your program or elsewhere through modalities online. 
  • Online modalities such as these include Airway Stories and Real Talk
  • “Burnout” ≄ Depression 
  • Recognizing burnout is often difficult because each person manifests it in different ways. Look for acute changes in a person’s behavior or mood. 
  • “Burnout” is a moving target, there are a variety of different ways to approach it